The strength of the heart hidden in aronia

From Zdrowie.wm (Poland translated)


Over a million people a year in Poland are hospitalized due to cardiovascular disease and nearly nine million suffer from hypertension. Prof. Prof. Marek Naruszewicz of Warsaw Medical University showed that bioflavonoids (antioxidants contained in aronia) can reduce hypertension and overcome other problems associated with heart disease.

Aronia berries contain no alcohol like wine or caffeine as in green tea yet they combine their health promoting properties. - A huge advantage of aronia (chokeberry) is that it does not accumulate in the body, we can not overdose, because it is excreted from the body after a few hours, says professor Naruszewicz.

Aronia contains the highest amount of antioxidants of all fruits. Aronia neutralizes free radicals which cause adverse effects and initiates vascular inflammation of various kinds in our body. To eliminate free radicals we would have to eat vegetables and fruits in large quantities at each meal at least five times a day. Since Polish society has no such a habit it is important to supplement with an extract from aronia (chokeberry).


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