Harvest persists for healthy aronia

From Markische Allgemeine (Germany translated)


They look like blueberries, have a small core and are healthy: Aronia (Chokeberry). The harvest in Germany has begun for the fruits originating from North America. 

The yield of aronia (chokeberries) will be below average, said the fruit farm Görnitz & son in Coswig who claims to have the largest aronia plantation in Germany. In the past 20 years the berries have been used almost exclusively as a dye in the food industry although recently the fruits have made a career as a health berry. 

No other fruit has such a high concentration of antioxidant anthocyanins. These dyes provide cell protection and anti-cancer, Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease protection. Even with the Native American Indians the berries were known as a remedy. Later, the Russian fruit pioneer Ivan Michurin experimented with aronia (chokeberries). In the countries of the former Soviet bloc the fruit experienced a renaissance as a natural medicine. Aronia is still used today in Russia as an important home remedy.


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