Simon Cowell really IS an old smoothie: Daily juice drink is mogul's anti-ageing secret

From Daily Mail (Britain)


He exercises, takes vitamin pills and has admitted using Botox to erase his wrinkles.

But at the age of 51, it seems Simon Cowell is determined to keep drinking from the fountain of eternal youth.

The music mogul is said to have become hooked on an anti-ageing smoothie that he discovered while touring the U.S. for the American X Factor auditions recently.

The drink is believed to be identical to the ‘super smoothie’ developed by French scientists and revealed by the Daily Mail in May.

Cowell has a fresh helping of the juice made every day from ingredients including lingonberry, acerola berry and chokeberry (aronia berries), and he drinks it religiously.

It is said the X Factor judge got a taste for the smoothie in Miami, and a member of his staff had to make sure the unusual fruits were available in Dallas when he joined his fellow judges to film the talent show.


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