The super-smoothie: Scientists devise blend of 13 fruit juices so good for you it could lower heart disease risk

From Daily Mail (Britain)


You’d have to be a graduate in fruitology to be familiar with all the ingredients.

But if you can track them down then you could have the recipe for a longer, healthier life.

Scientists say they have developed a cocktail of seven fruit juices that boosts health, cuts the risk of heart disease and stroke – and tastes good. The ‘super-smoothie’ contains grapes, apples, blueberries and strawberries.

However, there are exotic additions. These include the so-called superfoods cowberry (aka lingonberry) – a tart, red fruit related to the cranberry – and acerola, a red cherry-like fruit that has 30 times more vitamin C than orange juice.

The final ingredient of the smoothie is aronia, or chokeberry, an American blackberry once described as the ‘healthiest berry in the world’.


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